10 things you should know about motorcycle safety and riding


1. Brain

This, you desperately need to carry around everywhere with you. Use your brain to make sure you’re safe for yourself and other road users too. Be Mature, Use Your Brain!

2. Helmet

Think closely, helmets are the best sunscreen, dust repeller, moisturizer, thing on the planet. It is basically all the makeup stuff you need, and yes it saves your life too. WEAR ONE, Spread the word!

3. Riding Gloves

Alongwith looking super „Darth Vader -ish” cool, riding gloves make sure that your hand remains in place should you chose to fall down from your bike and they also save you from the atrocities of the weather.

4. Eye Protection

Good eyes let you look at beautiful things! Wear eye protection to save your eyes from strong winds, dust and dirt durning your ride.

5. Armour

Yeah! Wear one, feel like a gladiator and survive a crash like a hero. Stop being a show off, its a matter of your own skin and bones!

6. Riding Boots

They are protective, visible at night with their reflective linings, supremely comfortable as compared to your usual shoes for long rides and yes they look supercool too.

7. Riding Jacket

Trust us, the shoulder, elbow and back protection that come with riding jackets can save you from years of agony in case of a crash. Be sensible, wear a proper riding jacket.

8. Long Pants

To simply put it, only the roasted chicken legs look fine. Wear long pants to save yourselves from engine heat and some bruises if you end up in gravel.

9. Waterproof Riding Gear

Sensible people know, wetness of all kinds speaks danger. Wear waterproof riding gear durning rains to keep your concentration intact.

10. Riding Training Classes

Always better to learn from senior rider experiences than to learn some hard lessons yourself.