About motorcyclehelmets.review

What is this website all about?

So you really landed here, yupi!! Someone really does read this about us pages from time to time and I’m happy that it’s you, a fellow motorcycle rider or someone who is about to join the motorcyclist family – we welcome everybody.

You would like to know what this website is all about, I will get back to that in a minute, but first let me ask you this question: Why are you riding a motorcycle?

What is you WHY?

My WHY was the kind of freedom I feel when I ride on my motorcycle, the ability to choose whatever path I want and just go there – simply to check out what’s on the end and where it can lead me further.

And what is your WHY? Speed? Freedom? Adventures?

You see being a motorcyclist is like joining a family cause these people around you riding on their bikes feel similar things and want to have like minded people around them.

And for that same thing I have build this website.

I missed a resource on motorcycle helmets that would show me different options and I could simply order them online – something that I will find usefull, if you do find motorcyclehelmets.review useful and helpful when you will be buying your new or next motorcycle helmets than I will be even more happy that I could help fellow motorcyclist 🙂

In 2 Words: Motorcycle Helmets 

I will keep it all about motorcycle helmets so we all can enjoy a resource online that has the most up-to-date as well as big archive of data and pics (I like videos too 🙂 ) about motorcycle helmets.



Of course YES!

I’m happy to write about your products if they are helmets or motorcycle related, or put a video in our VIDEOS category – motorcycle helmets but also other gear/safety or riding related videos, no daily riding for now ;).

You can also contribute by leaving a comment and rating helmets that are on the site and telling how it was using that helmet in your case so other motorcyclists can know before they purchase.

Just go to a page you like and leave a comment there.

Otherwise please send me an email using the contact form on Conact Page.

gold full face motorcycle helmet