Chicago Wedding Officiant, Minister, Justice of the Peace for Wedding Ceremonies
As a Chicago Wedding Officiant I provide professional services for persons seeking a Chicago wedding ceremony or Minister, Officiant, Clergy, Celebrant, Justice Of The Peace or Reverend for the performance of a Wedding Ceremony or Wedding


%Article_Desc% The Peace or Reverend for the performance of a Wedding Ceremony or Wedding Vows or Interfaith Wedding Ceremony or Nondenominational Wedding Ceremony or Renewal of Vows, or Civil Ceremony or Elopement, or Eloping Ceremony, Wedding Planning or Child Naming Ceremony or Child Dedication Ceremony anywhere throughout Chicago, Chicagoland, NW Indiana, or Nationwide.

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I am a Chicago Wedding Officiant
How to Obtain Your Marriage License
Your Planning Session
Your Rehearsal
Your Wedding Ceremony
Elopement Ceremonies in Chicago
Chicago Justice of the Peace
Child Naming/Parental Dedication

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About Thomas Witham
%Mate_Keyword% How My Ceremonies Are Different
The Couples I Work For
Wedding Venues Where I've Performed
Religious & Philosophical Expression
Your Greatest Advocate
Letters of Appreciation
For Those Previously Married

Designing Your Ceremony

Facing Your Guests (Modern Format)
Backs Turned (Traditional Format)
Examples of Wedding Vows
Effective Seating
Aisle Runner or Petals
Children in Wedding Ceremonies
The Escorting of a Bride
Taking Parental Vows
The Use of Music
Using a Pedestal
Using a Wedding Carriage
A New Role For Grandparents
Wedding Ceremony Readings
In Memoriam

Ceremonies in Special Places
Ceremonies in Theme
Taking Your Ceremony to Others
Staying in Character
What Name Should I Use?
What if it Rains?
Fibbing Your Start Time
Ceremonies in Candlelight
The Reception Line

The Order of Events

Primary Options:
Read this First
The Unity Candle
Champagne Sharing
The Sand Ceremony
The Blessing Tree
Tying the Knot
Tasting the Elements
Using a Photomontage
%Mate_Description% The Giving of Roses

Options In Finale:
Butterfly Release
Dove Release
Balloon Release
Tossing Petals
Bubbles in a Wedding Ceremony
Applause Walk

The Five Rules:
Rule One
Rule Two

Rule Three
Rule Four
Rule Five

Advice on Photography
Advice on Wedding Coordinators
Death by Venue
An Invitation To Journalists

Resources and Links

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%Mate_Title% is the largest collection of wedding ceremony advice on the Internet. From its more than 70 pages, couples learn how Thomas Witham, a Chicago wedding officiant, plans, rehearses and officiates wedding ceremonies. This website is supported by more than 300 photographs covering all aspects of wedding ceremony design and performance.

Topics include: how to obtain a marriage license;a complete description of my planning session, rehearsal session, and wedding ceremony; how and where to have an elopement ceremony in Chicago; information for those seeking a justice of the peace; child naming and parental dedication ceremonies; a thorough description of my services and fees; how to contact me by email; a full description of my professional background; a comparison on how my wedding ceremonies are different from the common ceremony; a description of the couples I work for; a complete list of where I have performed; religious and philosophical options are explained; how I advocate my brides and grooms; letters of appreciation that were written me; and supportive advice for those previously %Article_Title% married.

Other topic matter includes: The advantage of facing your guests in your wedding ceremony; or standing with your backs turned as in traditional wedding ceremonies; examples of wedding vows written by others; the importance of environmental considerations; the use of ushers; effective seating arrangements; the use of aisle runners and petals; using children in a wedding ceremony; how and by whom brides may be escorted; taking parental vows to your children in ceremony; the effective use of music; the importance of using a pedestal to place your ceremony accessories; using grandparents as flower children; the importance of readers; examples of wedding ceremony readings; ceremony options to honor loved ones deceased.

Other topic matter includes: Performing your ceremony in a special location; having a wedding ceremony in theme; using a wedding ceremony photo montage; conducting your ceremony at the location of others who could not ordinarily attend; improvisation of wedding ceremony options; the importance of staying in character during your ceremony; advice on what names you may use; making plans for rain; commentary on honoring your parents or care givers; discouragement on misrepresenting your start time; how to conduct ceremonies in candlelight; and the importance of using a reception line.

Other topic matter includes: using a unity candle, using wine sharing; the sand ceremony; the blessing tree; the giving of roses to family members; butterfly releases in a wedding ceremony; dove release in a wedding ceremony; balloon release; tossing petals; using bubbles in a wedding ceremony; using an applause %Article_Category% walk at the ceremony's conclusion; the five important rules that govern the design and performance of my ceremonies; advice on using a photographer; advice on wedding coordinators; how 120268
to avoid bad venues; how to create a wedding ceremony order of events or handbill; an invitation to journalists who may want my advice; and a site map.