Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 Dollar
Buying Guide

best motorcycle helmets under 300 dollars

In this guide I will show you some good and quality helmets that you can buy brand new and online for less than $300. 


We have all seen those cool motorcycle helmets out there made by the top companies, they look so cool and are technically very advanced but… the price tag on them is ridicioulus and there is no way you are goind to spend so much money on the helmet (yes, I know, you need to eat too 🙂 ). I’ve been in a similar situation like you some time ago.

I needed a new helmet and of course there are plenty to choose from, but my budget was very limited and I had to spend some time researching the best options available in my budget range. While doing so, I’ve come across many awesome motorcycle helmets under 300 USD.   

So, you already have bought a motorcycle and it’s ready for the first ride but you don’t have a motorcycle helmet yet? 

Or maybe you have already been riding and just looking for a new helmet cause the old one has lived past it’s prime days?

No problem, I’ve got you covered, no matter what your story is you simply need a good helmet to protect your precious head and don’t drain your wallet.

You only need 3 of these awesome $100 bills to get great looking and safe helmet and in some cases even less than that without sacrificing quality that much.

Yes that’s right, you can get a motorcycle helmet that is made from high quality materials and has very affordable price tag (at the same time). Just take a look at the helmets below, all of them can be bough online for less than $300. Many helmets manufactures are specialized in providing high quality helmets in that price range.

For example AGV have very good helmets for less than 300 or you can check out HJC helmets as they are doing mainly helmets in that price range and they are very good helmets too. Of course there are many other product available out there for under $300, but if you are buying a motorcycle helmet than verify if the helmet has DOT, SNEIL or other safety standards passed so you are sure they are not toys but real helmets that will give you some protection. If you wish to know more about safety standards then take a look at these 2 videos: SNELL VS DOT VS ECE HELMETS – MOTORCYCLE HELMET SAFETY RATINGSMOTORCYCLE HELMET SAFETY RATINGS  


Check best motorcycle helmets under 300 dollars by brand:

agv motorcycle helmets

AGV Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 USD

When you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet under 300 USD and you want it to be something that professional racers use (brand of course, as the models they have on their heads are way above $300, anyways it’s nice to know that they trust the company enough to wear their helmets when racing) and will be a durable and comfortable to use than AGV Helmets are a good idea. And there are some very good looking models that you can grab with shipping straight to your home, brand new, for less than 300 USD.

Great helmets for MotoGP fans and if you are looking for quality motorcycle helmet. If you are a fan of motorcycle sports and things like MotoGP etc. then you must have already see the AGV logo somewhere on the race track or in the TV while watching the race. Some of the top riders in the world (like: Valentino Rossi, Paul Espargaró, Jack Miller – you can find more names using AGV helmets here) use AGV helmets on tracks all over the world as well as many fellow motorcyclists find AGV products to be quality made, very durable and have affordable pricing.

What’s best about AGV helmets is their graphics – best in this price range.

I don’t know what you are into in terms of helmet colors/graphics but I personally find these design very appelaing to my taste. Many comanies try to do something nice with the looks of their helmets by drawing something on the helmet but many fail at this task – definitely not the case with AGV helmets, just look at some of those beauties below.

You can find many awesome graphic design on helmets from AGV, even the ones for less than 300 are looking pretty amazing and compare to what competitiors offer in that price range,

In my opinion AGV helmets are the best looking full face motorcycle helmets for less than 300 dollars.




AGV K3 Dreamtime Helmet

AGV K3 Dreamtime Helmet


4.8 / 5.0 – Amazon
4.7 / 5.0
– RevZilla

(Source: RevZilla, Amazon)

Street Motorcycle Helmet 
Full Face Helmet


The K3 is near the top end of the AGV range entry level. GP-Tech lines and Valentino Rossi Replica helmet graphics make this the ideal helmet for young riders and fans of the racing world. The only full-face thermoplastic model in the AGV range, the K3 is the perfect choice for riders in search of a safe, high-quality helmet with attractive design at a modest price.

K3 design is inspired by the latest AGV developments starting from the Stealth, S-4, and Ti-Tech and continuing with the Blade/Blade LX and GP-Tech that have so clearly and distinctively defined the company’s style. This makes the helmets immediately recognizable and distinguished from all the other proposals on the market. In the same way, the differences with the helmet that the K3 has replaced are equally evident.

The AGV K3 Helmet builds on AGV’s extensive experience in designing the Pista GP and Corsa helmets as well as the legacy of the original K3 helmet. An aerodynamic shell shape is optimized for stability and aggressive aesthetics and features an integrated, compact rear spoiler to reduce turbulence. The narrow chin bar is streamlined to help the helmet cut through the wind at high speeds, further increasing stability.

  • Thermoplastic shell
  • Features front, chin and side air vents with a top air vent with rear extractors
  • Includes a new visor mechanism with an anti-fog visor
  • Removable nose protector and comfort padding with a Dri-Lex fabric
  • NOTE: Comes with a clear shield, not the smoked shield as shown in photos




Other AGV K3 Full face helmets:

AGV also offers other models of AGV K3 Full Face Helmet

They are basically all the same helmets in terms of quality and how they are build, the difference is in the graphics that you can see on them and I think they are pretty cool ones and are definitely worth you seeing them if you ask me 🙂

AGV K3 The Donkey Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K3 The donkey

REVIEWS: 5.0 / 5.0 – Amazon


Street Motorcycle Helmet 
Full Face Helmet

AGV K3 Flag Brazil Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

AGV K3 Flag brazil

REVIEWS: 5.0 / 5.0 – Amazon

Less than $150

Street Motorcycle Helmet 
Full Face Helmet

AGV K3 Gothic Full face Motorcycle Helmet

AGV k3 Gothic

Reviews: 4.6 / 5.0 – Amazon

(Source: Amazon.COM)

Street Motorcycle Helmet 
Full Face Helmet

hjc motorcycle helmets

HJC Motorcycle Helmets Under 300 USD

If you aren’t yet familiar with the name or the brand itself, than HJC helmets is something you should take a look at and consider as an option to buy when looking for helmets under $300. HJC is a company manufacturing motorcycle helmets that was started in 1971 so they have a plenty of experience in creating quality helmets that are up to the latest safety standards. 

The company is constantly improving their products by researching and developing new shapes and making their products more aerodynamic – which they can test in their state of the art wind tunnel located in Asia.

HJC has a wide range of motorcycle helmets that you can choose from in the middle-high price range but lately they have been creating new models that are very affordable and you can experience a quality helmet craftsmanship for less than 300 dollars with HJC helmets too 🙂

Since 1971, HJC has specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmets exclusively. As HJC approaches 45 years in the making of helmets, we pledge again our commitment to provide highest quality helmets to motorcyclists in Europe and around the globe.

With the successful introduction of RPHA 10 Plus with its P.I.M technology, HJC continues to become the brand of choice all over Europe. RPHA 10 Plus is a high performance sport/street helmet designed with input from Moto GP star Ben Spies. And in 2013, with RPHA 10 Plus, we are proud to sponsor 2012 Moto GP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo. With his new RPHA 10 Plus helmet, Jorge has already won 4 Moto GP races including in Qatar, Italy, Spain and in Great Britain. We expect the Champion to win more races with his RPHA 10 Plus around the world.



HJC Helmets Sizing Chart