If you are a fan of long trips on your motorcycle like me, you know how annoying it can get when your helmet is not that quiet inside and you constantly hear loud noises. In this video you can see the quietest motorcycle helmets and opinion on them.



Silence is golden, especially when riding. We try to keep the road noise in our helmets as minimal as possible – just enough to be aware of our surroundings. RyanF9 shares his selection of the Quietest Motorcycle Helmets. Quietest Motorcycle Helmets links and video timestamps:
0:10 – Schuberth C3 Pro: https://frt9.co/lqw8wj
2:46 – Shoei Qwest: https://frt9.co/dphhun
4:36 – Schuberth S2: OUT OF STOCK
5:57 – Shoei’s RF-1200: https://frt9.co/axv9gw
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