Have you ever wondered how motorcycle helmet would work when you crash straight into guardrail with your head? Don’t need to test it on your own skin as these guys already tested it and filmed it so you can watch the video now 🙂


Helmet Crash Test: High Speed Helmet and Guardrail Crash Test Video

Our latest crash test video puts a motorcycle crash helmet and a roadside guardrail to the crash test.

A crash test usually involves destructive testing of a vehicle, protective riding gear (like the helmet in this video) and road safety systems. Crash tests are performed to verify safety compliance, crashworthiness and crash compatibility.

A crash test dummy is dressed in full protective biker gear and is fitted with a crash helmet. A special rig is engineered to propel the crash test dummy, head first, into a guardrail at high speed.

High speed cameras capture every detail from several angles, while engineers ensure the crash reflects real-life accident conditions.

Upon impact, the crash helmet visor is seen breaking into a few pieces on contact with the guardrail, but the helmet itself appears to do its job correctly by staying intact while protecting the biker’s head from serious impact injury.

The guardrail is seen buckling under impact but manages to absorb some of energy while deflecting the helmet-wearing biker test dummy.

This video demonstrates just how important it is not to leave home without a safety helmet and correct safety gear when going motorcycle riding.

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